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yeah so yesterday I went school shopping w/ dad, but i didnt get much… - Its Only Teenage Wasteland, [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 31st, 2004|11:40 am]
yeah so yesterday I went school shopping w/ dad, but i didnt get much beecause hes very impatient n so is my brother.
Then Last night I went out with Kara and ash, and later we got robin and we hung around the bowling alley with a bunch of idff ppl, and we caught some frogs and put them in karas car, but then we couldnt find one, so it probably died in there.I didnt get home till after 12.30ish which isnt eve that late but my mom threw a fit becausxe its a monday? yeah i dk.. i was like r u serious its like my l,ast night of summer vacation but she didnt car, so now im grounded..whatever shes so fucking gay.
Im going out tonight anyway whethere she likes it or not, she just doesnt need t know about it. I think the cousins might be coming here today, i dk.I can believe we start school thursday.. thats fucking crazy..and then I work nonstop friday saturday sundya and monday cuz its fucking labor day weekend..that oughtta be fun...oh yeah debbie is back, and now shes married and is pregenant. yeah whatever.
Im gunna go because the beast is screming my name somewhere in the house....