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[Sep. 16th, 2004|05:18 pm]
havent updated in a while...letss seee
what happened
school sucks..had to go to school yesterday at 7 am for bio.. thats always awesome
moms being a major bitch..what else is new.
im grounded now because i went out last night..yesh thatss awesoem...so im not sposed to be online..opppss
people are being really gay lately.
and i just want to go t bed and never get up.
Im sad that we are graduating
but at the same time I hate everybody.
i dk...i just feel like veeryone had been backstabbing and talking beind my back lately.
i dont give a fuck anymore
got the coolest idea for my haloween costume..but ya know ppl will prb make fun of it
so i dk if im gunna bother dressing up.
well thats about itt