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Summertime and the livins easyyy [Apr. 24th, 2006|05:07 am]
[Current Location |My dorm room]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |summertime- Sublime]

So you would think I would be ecstaic to be done with Ithaca in less than 2 weeks... but the fact that im sressing over whwere Im going to go next year is cancelling out any joy i would be feeling. I cant seem to find a school that a) isnt full of hippies b) is either in Ny or Massachusets and c) that i can get into with my crappy GPA this semester. The saddest part is that while I'm at Ithaca my major is politics ( and the politics dept here is terrible) and Im changing my major to communications and public relations and Ithaca College is the best communications school in the country. How ironic is that? But you couldnt pay me to stay here so I will just have to deal with the irony of it all.I really will not miss this school one bit...theres seriously like 3 or 4 people here that I will miss..but one is transferring, and another is graduating, so Im really not leaving anything behind. I mean the town of Ithaca is kind of cool..to visit...but Not to live in.Theres this quote that couldnt be more true "Ithaca: 10 square miles, surrounded by reality" which is seriously the most accurate thing Ive heard sinced Ive been here. I mean I completely understand the fact that at college there will be wierd kids..but i did not expect the entire college to be wierd kids! Now that the weather is nice the kids are out smoking hookah everyday and god knows what else. Dont get me wrong..I like to party.. Boy do I like to party. But party for me means drink and dance and be silly with my friends and meet new people. Not to hotbox for an hour in someones dorm- maybe play a round of beerpong and then listen to someone play a crappy rendition of a grateful dead song for 3 hours.And thats not even a joke...Ive actually been to crazy hippie parties here. A few people convinced me to go to someparty down the road and I swear to god it was like a scene out of some wierd 70's movie. Everyone was stoned..and there was not a drink in sight and everyone was swaying around to this wierd music that had no rhythem or understandable lyrics- and they called in a jamband or something. I was sober except for a few shots i had taken in advance and I swear I thought I was tripping on acid or something..up until that point I hadnt realized how wierd this place actually is. I mean sure...i did find pot in my cable box, and i smell it everyday walking through the academic quad..and my old roomate did steal my peanut butter to put on shrooms....and a good number of kids here had dreds..but I didnt realize the extent of the oddness of this place. It really is like some sort of twilight zone here.There are your hippies, and what I like to call the "Japs" although this incldes boys, and nonjewish people also. Basically these are the spoiled bratty kids who come here..although almost everyone here is rich anyone ( including the hippies). You see them around with their bubble tea ( which by the way is really gross) and tacky Vera Bradley bags in color combinations like fushia and orange. And the funniest thing is that these were the people I befriended at first. I mean yes..they did consume alcohol and liked to go out..but boy were they fake. By October Id ecided I hate who I was becoming when I hung out with them...and by Mid november I ditched them and decided I would rather be friendless than completely shallow, inconsiderate, and stabbed in the back. It really was like I was living in mean girls..except I escaped before I pushed anyone in front of the bus. Believe me I was very attempted a few time when the tcat drove by tho. So the last few months were pretty miserable for me....my roomate was a nutcase- talking to her stuffed animals and such, and the fact that I was on crutches and then a cane...and basically cut myself off from the ithaca world. At first i almost regretted my decision...but now Ive come to terms and comend myself for having respect for myself to not lower myself to be like these people. Im okay with only going out occasionaly here, and driving to Cortland or home just about every weekend because I feel more at home at Karas college than I do at my own. Im so excited to go somewhere else and meet new people, although Im a little nervous about starting all over. And about the fact that I have no idea where i am oing. But i will figure something out, and hopefully this time I pick the right college.