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Im so exciteddd and I just cant hidee ittt [Apr. 27th, 2006|12:23 pm]
[Current Location |my dorm in Ithasuck Ny]
[mood |excitedexcited]

There is a god.
I just found out that rather than having to stay until friday I get to leave Tuesday...but actually wendsday morning.
I might even get to leave monday, if Beth lets me hand in my paper & do the oral question monday, when i do the same for my other class with her. Eigher way it is so exciting that I dont have to stay here all of these days. The only sad thing is that I wont relaly get the chance to say goodbye to everyone that I ould like to. I was planning on hanging out with chris, get wasted a few days w/ erin, hang out with julian, and hopefully even get to see matt, anna, and jonathan who i havent seen in a while. But the problem is that gives me only 4 days...and I have 11 papers due..therefore Im lucky if i will have time to breathe, no less hang out with people. Im kind of sad to be leaving..but not really. Im sad that it didnt work out here, but it really just is not the right school for me.It just sucks that im leaving the best communications school in the country.And its really scary knowing that I have to start over in a new school, as a sophmore where everyone else has friends and it will be way hard for me to try and make friends. Hopefully I will get thru it tho..college is sposed to be the best 4 years of my life..so hopefully my next 3 will make up for this one.I am really lucky about one thing tho..my mom refuses to let me go to community college, so even if my grades totally suck this semester she wont send me there..which is a good thing as far as I see.I am so excited to go home. To be able to hang out with my friends, and work again. It will be ncie to not have to ask my parents for money any time i want to go out or anything.Also it will be nice to to be living off of ramen soup and crappy cafeteria food. Maybe then I wont be eating so much crap and packing on the pounds like its my job.
AAAAAAAAAAAAanyway I have a ton of work to get done....my nastyyyy room to clean...and some packing to do!