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(no subject) [Aug. 31st, 2004|11:40 am]
yeah so yesterday I went school shopping w/ dad, but i didnt get much beecause hes very impatient n so is my brother.
Then Last night I went out with Kara and ash, and later we got robin and we hung around the bowling alley with a bunch of idff ppl, and we caught some frogs and put them in karas car, but then we couldnt find one, so it probably died in there.I didnt get home till after 12.30ish which isnt eve that late but my mom threw a fit becausxe its a monday? yeah i dk.. i was like r u serious its like my l,ast night of summer vacation but she didnt car, so now im grounded..whatever shes so fucking gay.
Im going out tonight anyway whethere she likes it or not, she just doesnt need t know about it. I think the cousins might be coming here today, i dk.I can believe we start school thursday.. thats fucking crazy..and then I work nonstop friday saturday sundya and monday cuz its fucking labor day weekend..that oughtta be fun...oh yeah debbie is back, and now shes married and is pregenant. yeah whatever.
Im gunna go because the beast is screming my name somewhere in the house....
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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2004|01:05 am]
this had to be the most retarted insanely horrible night of my life.
my dad doesnt think for himself
and my mom is the queen of douchebag asshole bitches.( yeah i know thats an awesome name that i made up)
enough said.
so maybe ill explain later.
but in short
she threw out my clothes
insulted me horribly
left me at the commons
and waited 2 hrs b4 letting my dad pick me up
then screaming at me for another 2 hours when i got home
n pick a fight on every other possible issue
so now
i have no car,cant use hers, i have to pay for my oown cellphone and college?
how gay is that..
is any of that stuff relevant at all.
yeah n then she amde me fucking apologize
i didnt want to
but i thought i was going to fuking hit her if she made me listen to her bitch any longer
so i just did it, even tho she knows i dint mean it..unless she really is that dumb.
just wait.. cuz payback is a bitch
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gott my first reall 6 string bought at the 5 and dime, played it till my fingers bled, [Aug. 26th, 2004|07:28 pm]
I work seriously like 8000 hours a week.
i still didnt do the bio, and its due 2morrow. awesomee
new girl at work, her name is marykate so when i talk to her im like hey marykate, and i feel like shes gunna be like what ashley..haha yeah im gay.
alyssa is leaving wendsday for college.... im soooo sadddd, but im gunna visit her n meet all her frat boy buddieeesss.
School starts thurs. which really sucks... but its the last year which is sad and exciting at the same time. Haha todayon break i didnt know what to do
so i sat in my car
and listened to all my moms cds..hahaha like bryan adams(i listened to summer of 69 like 6 times) haghaha n thenn i saw her freakin garyh brooks cd had friends in low places on it so i listend to that, cuz i hate country music cep that 1 song..lol
yeah im cool.None is home, so for tonight since im too lazy to cook formyself im going to have combos.. haha yeah i bought threm before.
its healthy enough
its got like imitation chese n crackers..so its healthy in my book.
i think my head is sgunaaa explode so im gunna go take some asprinnnn..
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I wanna be a cowboyy babbyyy [Aug. 24th, 2004|12:08 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |only the good die young]

oh man sr. pics were ysterday...not good..i dk why but i couldnt smile, so i was doing all theese cheesy smiles that probably look sooo fake, andmy sid bang kept falling in my eyes...so my pics r going to suck. yes so anyway since I hadnt changed my hair drastically is sewriously like a year like a few hours after pictures i dyed it..
I used that loreal true brunnete stuff
and at first I hate it
cuz it looked all copper and orange
but after i straightened it it looks much better, so I dont really hate it horribly anymore, now it looks like my natural color, cuz b4 my hair was soo light on bottom, and dark on top just from being in the sun, but it looked kinda gay..
Kara got back last night I think
so me and karla wanna get her to hang out tonightttt.
dropped ap lit yesterdayyy thankk god.
well I got an eye doctor appt. today soo im gunna go i guessssss
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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2004|11:09 pm]
oh man oh mann
today was so fucking crazyyy at work.. i was runing around cleaning the whoooole time, so timew went pretty fast,butt then we closed at 9, and didnt finish till almostv 11. blahh we normally get out at 9.30..so that sucked
but it was funny cuz it was me alyssa michelle chenille diane and ellen
so we had a goodtime
talkign about the gross bodily things kids do in the store, and breast feeding women, and crappy cars
so when we finished ellen(my manger) drove me home
n thats about all.ui dk why i bothered writing this entry.
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theres no suchh thing as self-esteeemmm [Aug. 22nd, 2004|04:54 pm]
[mood |nerdynerdy]
[music |cola queen - the libertines]

ive got work at 6, but i have to leave early cuz i have to run to my moms work n give her the keys then go to work...
fun funnn
so i have a few minutes to kill b4 i leave and im too lazy to do anything
so i think i'll just write some crap on here.
Kara gets home 2morrow night from cali, so im very excited since i havent seen her in a month. Im going to drop ap lit, kara n karla are too as far as i know, so im not the only one.
senior pictures 2morrow at 12.39
i guess my hairs gunna be straight cuz im afraid if i wash it n let it go curly 2morrow it might do gay curls, cuz it does that sometimes so im not taking the chance.
I blew it straight like an hr ago, so its poofy, but ill straighten it when i get home tonight, or i might go get my hair done 2morrow morning before pics, like just get a trim, or blown straight cuz it always looks so much nicer when its done at the salon.. i wanted to get my eyebrows done 2day but its sunday, so nowhere is open today, and i cant get em in the morn. cuz theyll be red for pics, oh well, Ill live...
well im gunna go now cuz my mom called n said theirs tons of traffic and shittt.
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what a day for a daydreammm [Aug. 21st, 2004|08:36 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |none]

well this was an interesting day at the least.
drove my mom to work at 9 am thats always fun.. n we fought the whole ride over cars,, and my work schedule..thats aesome
came home
it was all stormy and icky so i just read thru old magazines n junk. then i took out my frnech braids. the hair was freakin huge. haha so i get dressed get in the car n go to start it to drive to work.
thats awesome right. so its pouring rain
im all dressed up
and im outside
popping the hood to see if any of the battery cables were loose. that was just peachy. so i call ,mom n tell her n she told me to figure something out. So i called work to tell them Id be late, but they said I didnt have to go in cuz it was dead there cuz the downpour. So im on the phone w/ my mom or dad like the whole day trying to figure out the car
so my uncle came over n jumpstarted it and it was fine so i went n picked up my mom n we went to shopright npicked up our pizza
then we come home n she yells at me cuz I didnt clean the house up.. well excuse me for tyring to igure out the car, so i could pick up ur ass. ugh.. yeah I popped the hood of my car n was trying to fix it...and considering i know almost nothing about cars, and i was all dressed upp for work n it was pouring and my hair was huge, and the fact that i didnt even know what was wrong, and it took me a few minutes just to find the battery that didnt turn out so well, luckly I knew enough where i didnt screw up the car and Iwas able to jump it..lol
yes so that was my ridiculous day.
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fuck....i wish i hadnt procrastinated [Aug. 21st, 2004|01:48 am]
[mood |stressedstressed]
[music |the olympics on tv.]

wow....im feeling very stressed right now.
it just hit me..
school starts in like 1 week.
I havent even started the a.p. bio work..
and for ap lit out of 3 books im prob 25% done with the first one and thats it
i feel so pressured
even if i worked like every waking minute untill school starts theres no way Id finish it all.
Im prob gunna drop a.p. lit
even though I dont want to.
I wish i wasnt an ass and would have started my work earlier..
yeah its 2 am n im so worried that i can go to bed...awesome
so im watching the olympics.
maybe i shud do some of that work now. xcept it would be all half-assed considering its 2 am and im tired/
my head is gunna explode. i dont know what to do
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i lovee the fishess cuz their soo deliciousssss [Aug. 18th, 2004|10:59 pm]
[mood |soresore]
[music |anthem of our dying day]

howw hott is my backround?? anddyyy roddickk... my new obsession

brought mom to the doctor this morning then I went to the palisades for the rest of the day with kristie and lauren and my aunt.It was a very interesting trip to say the least.. Got some clothes for school, i got a cute skirt and top, and a few random shirts and stuff from like papaya, forever 21, hollister and aeropostal so I guess its good I at least started school shopping. I got the funniest shirt from hollister, its sayis somrething about tanning on the front, and on the back its says and party all night long....and we wanna get brown letters to match the shirts and write under it " with bubba, and bubba bling bling" haha thatd be interestingggg.
and on the ride home i sang for everyone, and then me and lauren had our own little comedy hour....hahaha yeah we r dorks
well im insanelyy sore so im probably going to attempt to clean the room, and take showerrr.
gnight for nowww
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cuzz ive got friendsss in lowww placesss [Aug. 16th, 2004|08:44 pm]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |have i told u lately that i love you-van morrison]

today was a nice day.
Slept till like 11ish i dk why..i guess it was just a lazyyy day. So then i got up and read little bit more of David copperfield for AP...im never gunna finish all the summer ap work. talked to mom about dropping it.. shes not too thrilled so Il just suffer through it its only 1 year, how hard could it be, plus then i wont have to take it in college.hen me n my dad and mom started thinking about what colleges I should look at, my heart is set on either fordham or NYU, cuz I found out that Ithaca isnt as good of a school as I want, but my mom is convinced i could get into stanford....yeahhh right... haha yea so now im trying to figure that all out. very confusing. plus they are all like well what do you want to major in? I dk im 17 i dont know what I want to do for the rest of my life... i guess itll be something with law or politics or internation affairs..I dk..
yeah soo anyway After Dad went to work mom dragged me and brianne to monroe cuz she wanted to get more fall clothes for work cuz anew storeopened So we went, I got some clothes for school, I got a button up, a sweater, a skirt im in love with and 2 fall jackets so im happy considering I hadnt started school shopping yet till today and all tha came from one store. Then mom dragged us to Walmart with her and i found the coolest thing ever. its an alarmclock in the shape of a 1950's jukebox, and it plays oldies as the alarm..I had to get it of course, but there were diff version, one played all oldies country stuff, one played all beatles, one played music from Grease and one played just oldiesi in gerneral so i got that one. Im so excited..its so awesommee. Then i had to get another lamp for my room, cuz one of them broke so i got one. Then I saw a Corona trucker hat and i had to get it..haha matches my little outfit from cozumel. Yes i had a fun time at walmart, oh yeah i got a hott pink bra there too..how could i forget. lol so goin w/ mom on errands wasnt too bad today.Except she found a scratch on the back of the car and automaticlly thought it was from me and yelled at me..that was pretty gay, but thenn she told me that Im prob getting my own car this week anyway so Im excited bout that.
My mom keeps making fun of me...i had my hott pink bra over my clothes and a side pony and my corona hatt and i was dancing around to my alarm clock and she got all embarressed cuz i went outside like that...haha
anything else interestingg??
i had work last ngith. that was pretty dull cept me and christine saw the ugliest baby in history it was so ugly we were actually scared of it. mall 2morrow with kristie i think.. yeah thats awesome
nothing else interesting that i can think of for now.
maybe ill put some cruise pics up later when im not so lazzyyyyyy
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